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For an SEO strategy to be effective and make your website appear among the first search results on Google, one of the essential things to consider is to "strengthen" the authority of your site.
Several measures exist to calculate the "strength" of your site, one of the most relevant being the Domain Authority from Moz.
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What is The Domain Authority ?

The Domain Authority (DA) is a measure of the strength of a website that was created by Moz.
On a scale of 0 to 100, the higher your score on this scale, the more likely your site is considered to be strong in Google's eyes, the better your website's chances of being ranked in Google's search results. Generally, from a DA of 50, the domain authority of a website is considered strong.
Facebook and YouTube, for example, have a domain authority of 100, you can not do better!
You can know your own domain authority by using our Moz Rank Tool

How is the domain authority calculated?

Moz takes into account about forty parameters to calculate this force, without spreading on all the parameters.
Among the factors used are the quality of the external links that your website creates: get a quality link, pointing to your site, in an article of a great site like La Presse is seen by Google as a vote of confidence of La Press (strong domain authority) for your website.
A vote of confidence that Google will take into account to rank your site in front of sites that have lower quality links.
The amount of links that point to your website is also counted, but weighs less than the quality of the links. Whenever possible, always prioritize quality links from high-DA sites. (How to get these links, we'll get back to you soon)