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For an SEO strategy to be effective and make your website appear among the first search results on Google, one of the essential things to consider is to "strengthen" the authority of your site.
Several measures exist to calculate the "strength" of your site, one of the most relevant being the Domain Authority from Moz.
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The Domain Authority ?

The Domain Authority (DA) of a website tells you how important the site is to your topic. This is a factor that is very often taken into account in SEO within search engines. It is logical that the one with the highest authority with the most reliable content is ranked the highest in the SERPs. In this way, search engines want to ensure that they display the safest and most relevant content to their users.

Important Factors of The Domain Authority ?

There are many factors that matter for a high domain authority. However, they are not mediated by Google, just like the other ranking factors or its search algorithm. Nevertheless, after extensive observations and many experiments, the experts agreed on certain aspects, which can therefore be taken into account.


The longer a website has been, the more authority it will have. Content added over the years and increasing traffic can therefore be beneficial to SEO because search engines are supposed to provide high quality information.


The credibility, and hence the domain authority, can be ranked higher if the domain has many feedback links from reliable sources.


Returns (or backlinks) that refer to a domain must come from different pages. If, for example, many links are from a single page or webmaster, the search engine may assume some manipulation. In addition, the relevance of the content of the backlinks must also be tested. The domain authority can be particularly affected if many links are placed in a hazardous manner and do not offer any additional information. They are indeed disadvantageous for users and considered as spam. The distribution of time in the distribution of links is also important. A collection of natural links develops over a long period. However, if a lot of backlinks are created at once, search engines can detect a use of black hat SEO, which allows the purchase of backlinks.


There are many other factors that can influence the domain authority. For example, links that integrate blogs, computer graphics, or videos often have a higher domain authority. An article written and published on a website by a known author and possessing a good reputation on the web certainly makes this page more reliable. Search engines evaluate how often the author's name was searched and whether the name appears in the press. If this author is mentioned in many blogs, e-books or social networking channels, the authority of this author is certainly increased and consequently gives a higher authority to the site on which it publishes. In addition, it is very likely that opinions on sales or recommended pages will have a positive effect on the domain authority.


Depending on whether one considers that this concept of domain authority is right or not: a domain authority that is ranked as high as possible is certainly essential for a good optimization of SEO. Relative factors can therefore play a role even though, due to the lack of official statements from Google, all experts do not agree on their weighting.